“In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous” – Aristotle

AGGA has developed a method to efficiently generate pure heterodimeric IgG Fc which we call an AGGAbody. The native Fc fragment offers many advantages as a module providing tuneable half-life and effector functions. However being homodimeric, consisting of two identical chains, means there are limitations on how protein fusions can be displayed, which by default is bivalent and monospecific like native IgG immunoglobulins. By contrast a heterodimeric Fc enables mono- and multi-specificity, and mono- and multi-valency. Antigen binding scaffolds, bioactive proteins and peptides can be fused to the AGGAbody and as combinations. AGGA has been created to commercialise this exciting platform and is seeking partners to help in its development and companies who are interested in licensing.